Alejandro Jodorowsky Grand Rectum 2011

Por Aníbal Morales  Julio, 2021

Este es un documental realizado el 2011. 

Este documental en francés, realizado en Canadá. Acá un extracto:

In March 2011 in Montreal, Alexandro Jodorowsky received the enviable title of “Grand Rectum” from the University of Foulosophie. During an eventful week filled with shows, conferences and tributes, the 82-year-old artist, originally from Chile, looks back on his career with humor: his debut as a mime in the mid-1960s in Paris alongside the legendary Marcel Marceau; his subversive pieces with the group Panique that included accomplices Arrabal and Topor; his work as a surrealist filmmaker with his cult films El Topo and The Holy Mountain; his contribution to the art of comics and finally his hard work as a psychomagician—a form of therapy he created using psychology, tarot, and body language. Fuente: www.showtimes.com

* El video se encuentra disponible en el canal youtube Francois Gourd

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